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Since February 2020 I have been working as an interpreter and helper for deaf-blind people. This involves interpreting what people say for deaf-blind people who are both hearing and sight impaired, and describing the world around them. There are various methods of interpreting, but I learnt finger braille.

Because finger braille is communicated through touch, it is easy to become engrossed in your own little world of two people, cut off from the outside world. The Finger Braille Piano came about when I started to wonder whether there was a way to help people who don’t know finger braille to understand: a way of projecting finger braille in the air.

The Finger Braille Piano is not a welfare device to make life more convenient for people who are deaf-blind. However, by exhibiting this device as a piece of art, I hope to introduce the audience (mostly hearing, seeing people) to finger braille, which is something they have little chance to encounter in their daily lives. I believe this links to the I LOVE YOU project concept of “communicating the power of the arts to connect with the area of welfare, unearth new value, and change society.”


「指点字」は接触によるコミュニケーションであるため、いとも簡単に1対1の2人の世界になり外界から閉じやすいという面があります。そんな指点字を知らない人にも届く形にする、つまり「指点字を空中に飛ばす方法」はないのだろうかと考えはじめたのがきっかけで《Finger Braille Piano》はできました。

《Finger Braille Piano》は直接盲ろう者の日常を便利にする福祉機器的な装置ではありません。この装置はアートとして展示することで、観客(主に健常者)が日常生活の中で出会うことはほぼ無い「指点字」に出会うことを目指しています。このことが「I LOVE YOU」プロジェクトのコンセプトである「福祉の分野と繋がり、新たな価値を見いだし、社会を変えていくことができるARTSの力を発信して行く」ことに繋がると考えています。


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Chiho Okuno

Chiho Okuno is from Kyoto Prefecture. She studies inter-media art at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts, and creates devices using handcraft techniques and electronic components. Her devices are exhibited as installations as well as being used to give performances. In February 2020 she started working as an interpreter for deaf-blind people. This led to her learning finger braille.


京都府出身。東京藝術大学 大学院美術研究科 先端芸術表現専攻在籍。手芸の手法や電子工作を用いた装置を制作している。装置は空間に設置してインスタレーションとして展示したり、稼働させるパフォーマンスを行うこともある。2020年2月より盲ろう者の通訳介助者の仕事を開始。それに伴い「指点字」を習得した。

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