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Arts & Women: Women Composers and AcousmoniumArts & Women【女性作曲家 x 多次元立体音響装置・編】

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The rich lineage of Japanese women composers has been erased from history for political reasons. There are many women who played an important role in the development of Japanese music, such as Nobu Kōda (1870-1946), who was the first Japanese person to study abroad as a government-sponsored student, Michiko Toyama (1913-2006), who studied under Messiaen in Paris and became the first Japanese person to win an international prize for music composition, and Mieko Shiomi (1938- ), who joined Fluxus in New York in the 1960s and was a leading figure of the avant-garde scene. However, these women remain virtually unknown, while men from the same era are revered in textbooks and other media. Our concert focuses on the works of such “invisible women composers.” Using a special sound system called an Acousmonium, the audience is invited to experience the vivid sounds of old and new women composers from the East and West.


実施時期:2021年9月20日@Shibaura House

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Jwcm (Japanese Women Composers Meeting)

jwcm (Japanese Women Composers Meeting) is a research collective launched in June 2019 by Ai Watanabe, Chikako Morishita, Yukiko Watanabe and others. Based on each of their experiences living abroad in France, the UK, Germany, and other countries, they explore the state of contemporary music and contemporary musicians in Japan. This season, the collective is focusing on gender equality (SDG no. 5) and implementing various projects from the perspective of diversity and inclusion.




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