Vessels speak to me of food

The Memory of Utopiaまほろばの記憶 ~The Memory of Utopia~

Zero hunger
Responsible consumption, production
つくる責任 つかう責任
美術学部 / 美術研究科

The blue mountains of Nagano I saw as a child, the hills of Hokkaido I visited on holiday, the red sunset from my parents’ house. These are precious landscapes that live in my memory.

The other day I saw a TV program. It said that if we continue living the way we are, soon we won’t be able to halt the destruction of the environment, and food shortages and many other problems will make it impossible to live on the Earth. It came as a shock to me to realise that one day I may never again be able to see these landscapes that have been familiar to me since childhood.

Since the main theme of my work is “vessels”, for this project I decided to focus on “food” and to plan an exhibition of my own work. Food is closely linked to vessels and one of the closest SDGs to our daily lives. I will produce vessels from recycled glass and share meals based on EAT’s “Can we feed a future population of 10 billion people a healthy diet within planetary boundaries?” I plan to donate 10% of the proceeds of the exhibition to the UN WFP’s food aid.

I hope that this exhibition will encourage people to take an interest in the SDGs through food, and to take action in their daily lives. I also hope that the work and space I create based on the motifs of the natural landscape and remembered light will stir people’s imaginations and that I am able to create an exhibition space where people find mental release, however briefly.


先日ある番組を見た。*1 現代人が今の暮らしをこのまま続けたら、近い未来、環境破壊に歯止めが掛からなくなり、食糧危機や多くの問題によって地球に住むことができなくなるという。幼い頃から慣れ親しんだこの光景がいつか見られなくなってしまうかもしれないことを知り、衝撃を覚えた。

そこで今回、私の主な制作テーマである器をもとに、器に関連性が深くSDGsの中でも生活に身近な「食」に焦点を当て、自身の個展という形で展覧会を企画した。再生ガラスを用いた器の制作、EAT財団の提案する『地球を守りながら100億人を健康的に養える理想の食事』*2 に基づき作った食事の共有を行い、展覧会の売り上げのうち1割を国連WFPが行う食に関する支援に寄付する予定だ。


*1:NHKスペシャル 2030 未来への分岐点2
*2:EAT財団 The EAT-Lancet Commissionon Food, Planet, Health

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Artist Profile

Mutsumi Hagiwara

She creates pieces using glass based on remembered scenery, impressions of the sky, and imagined landscapes. In 2020, she graduated with a specialty in glass from the craft course of Joshibi University of Art and Design, Faculty of Art, Department of Design and Craft. she started a Masters in glass moulding in the Craft Department of Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts in 2020 and is currently in her second year.

萩原 睦

2020年 女子美術大学芸術学部デザイン工芸学科工芸専攻ガラスコース 卒業
2020年 東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科 工芸専攻 ガラス造形研究分野 修士課程 入学
現在 同大学院修士2年在籍中

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