Appreciating the textures
that reveal themselves
only through prolonged use

The story of fabric布をとりまく物語

Responsible consumption, production
つくる責任 つかう責任
美術学部 / 美術研究科

The traditional craft of dyeing has long flourished along the banks of the Kanda and Myōshōji rivers in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward. It developed unique patterns, distinguished techniques and a refined beauty that have been handed down to this day. However, the reality is that in recent years these traditional skills and the industries they support are coming under pressure from the West. So we decided to re-evaluate the traditional craft of dyeing in a contemporary light, and to try to find a new sense of “wa” (harmony/Japaneseness) that we can take into the future. This led to the “Shinjuku re ‘Wa’ style project,” of which this exhibit is part. Here, we aim to use the various elements of dyeing: technique, history, philosophy, artisans, colours, and sounds as starting points for artwork that can help us unearth new value.

Even after a beautifully dyed roll of cloth has been turned into a kimono, it can be re-dyed, altered, and worn for years to come. It can even be re-made into something other than clothing. This is the essence of Japan’s unique sustainable style. As we try to incorporate the SDGs into our lifestyle, we realised there are valuable clues to be found in Japanese traditional culture. We want to use art as an interface to remind ourselves of the possibilities of dyeing culture, and to seek out the next step.

新宿区の神田川・妙正寺川沿いには古くから「染(そめ)」の伝統工芸が栄えてきた。独自の文様を発展させ、卓越した技術、洗練された美を今に伝えている。しかし、近年こうした伝統的な技術やそれに基づく産業は西洋のものに押されているのが現実である。そこで我々は、染の伝統工芸における現代的な価値を再考し、そこから未来につながる新たな「和」の在り方を探求することにした。それが「Shinjuku re“和”style project」であり、本企画はそのプロジェクトの中の一企画である。ここでは「染」の技術、歴史、思想、職人の姿、色、音などの様々な要素を手がかりにアート作品を提示し、価値の再発見を目指す。


共催:Shinjuku re“和”style project 実行委員会

3D virtual art exhibition

Artist Profile

Ryota Kito, Yasutaka Kubota, Kanata Goto, Sen Takahashi, Koiichiro Tada, Yuki Muraoka

“The story of fabric” consists mainly of archive materials by videographer Yasutaka Kubota relating to dyeing in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo. As well documenting the industry, this exhibit aims to consider the appeal of dyeing culture and its future through the eyes of young creatives Ryota Kito, Kanata Goto, Sen Takahashi, Koiichiro Tada, and Yuki Muraoka.



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