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A sensory room project that uses art to make environments more accessible for people with disabilities障害者の困難な体験環境をアートで解決するセンサリールームプロジェクト

Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
美術学部 / 美術研究科

For children with developmental disorders (on the autistic spectrum) or with hypersensitivity, who don’t cope well with loud noises, being looked at by strangers, unpredictable events or other unfamiliar situations, sporting venues present too much stimulation. As a result, many of these children never get the chance to watch sport live. There is a need at Japanese sporting venues for sensory rooms that allow children with these conditions, and their families, to spectate in peace. A sensory room is a room that is not too brightly lit, and that is insulated against loud noises and voices, where people can spectate away from the crowds and out of public view. They are run by specialist staff.

For this project, we are working with the Japan Football Association to look from an artistic perspective at the different problems faced by those who struggle with watching live sport. We will research and build a sensory room to install in an actual football stadium. People with hypersensitivity differ in terms of what they struggle with and what they find comfortable, so there is no set design for sensory rooms. By combining a scientific and welfare angle with a design and artistic perspective, we aim to explore a style of spectating that is not limited to that of conventional sensory rooms.



公益財団法人日本サッカー協会【天皇杯 JFA 第102回全日本サッカー選手権大会】にてお披露目されました。

3D virtual art exhibition

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Diversity on the Arts (DOOR) project, Faculty of Fine Arts / Design Embody Laboratory (Kazuyuki Hashimoto Laboratory) , Design Department, Graduate School of Fine Arts

Students and working people learn about art and well-being. The unique curriculum seeks to broaden the intersection of art and well-being through activities that include lectures from individuals who feel uncomfortable in their environment and workshops on diversity. In the 2021 academic year, we are working with Design Department’s Kazuyuki Hashimoto Laboratory to create an environment that makes watching sport accessible to all.

美術学部 Diversity on the Arts Project(DOOR)/ 大学院美術研究科デザイン専攻 Design Embody 研究室(橋本和幸研究室)


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