Animation is
more real than reality

Tatsuno International Film Festival龍野国際映像祭 2021

Quality education
Gender equality
Sustainable cities and communities

By screening experimental short films and animated shorts selected from several thousand entries from all over the world, we will create a film viewing experience rooted in the local culture of Tatsuno in Hyogo Prefecture, which has been designated an Important Preservation District of Historic Buildings. From an SDG perspective, this falls under 4. Education (quality education for all), 5. Gender (achieve gender equality), and 11. Sustainable cities (make cities and human settlements sustainable).

Since this exhibition takes place before the film festival has put out a call for submissions, and since the event involves film screenings, we will exhibit the key animations from “Dozens of Norths” (2021), which is the latest work by Kōji Yamamura, professor of 2D Animation in the School of Film and New Media’s Animation Department, which co-sponsors the film festival. “Dozens of Norths” features a basso continuo of anxiety and worry that has nowhere to go. It attempts to understand contemporary anxieties, mythicizing our worries in order to try and communicate this state of mind to the future in a real way. Depicting the sorrow and absurdity of human activity, the film also gives us hope for the future that can be linked back to the real world.




3D virtual art exhibition

Artist Profile

2D Animation course, Animation Department, Graduate School of Film and New Media (Kōji Yamamura)

“Mount Head” has won the grand prix at six major global animation festivals, including Annecy and Zagreb, and was nominated in the animated short film category of the 75th Academy Awards. Other works by Yamamura include “Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor” and “Pacusi.” Yamamura has received the Minister of Education’s Award for the Arts and the Medal with Purple Ribbon. He is a member of the Academy and a professor at Tokyo University of the Arts.


「頭山」がアヌシー、ザグレブをはじめ世界の主要なアニメーション映画祭で6つのグランプリを受賞、第75回アカデミー賞®短編アニメーション部門にノミネート。他に「カフカ 田舎医者」、「パクシ」など。芸術選奨賞受賞。紫綬褒章受章。アカデミー賞会員、東京藝術大学教授。

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